O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree…


I absolutely love Christmas! I have been listening to my Christmas playlist on my commute to work since September and love anything Christmas related. My favourite thing about Christmas has got to be thinking of presents that my family and friends will love and me being a bit of an organised freak, I have been using an Excel spreadsheet to track which presents I have bought which people (and yes, it is colour coded…). Read more



Whitstable is one of my favourite places to visit and although it is lovely in the Summer when you can sit on the pebbly beach in a sundress and paddle in the water, my favourite time of year to go is actually in the colder months. As my birthday falls in November and it was a lovely Autumn day – cold but not raining, it was the perfect opportunity for a trip there with my family.

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Birthday Celebrations


I get so so so excited for my birthday and begin a countdown way in advance. My birthday fell on a Thursday this year so I booked both the Thursday and Friday off work for a long weekend. My parents were both off so I woke up early and opened my presents in the sitting room before breakfast. I was so intrigued as to what the long pink present was but was under strict instructions not to touch it or go near it until it was time to open it, it was such a test of my willpower. Read more

Pumpkins & Pizza Making


Although I’m most definitely too old for trick or treating now (sadly), we celebrated Halloween this year by carving pumpkins and buying A LOT of chocolates and sweets in preparation. We actually had no trick or treaters knock at the door so I pretended to be disappointed that we had bought all that chocolate and was inwardly excited that I now had a huge bowl of treats to last me the next few weeks. Read more

Bristol Cathedral


My boyfriend recently moved to Bristol for a year to do his Masters and although the distance isn’t ideal, it does mean that we both have a whole new city to explore. I had never been to Bristol before but I have already fallen in love, it is such a beautiful city with so much to see and do.  Read more